Education and Research

Education and Research

Lincoln University Dryland Pastures research

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A great source for research, the Dryland Pastures Research Group explores the impacts that plant species have on animal outcomes in agricultural environments

Lincoln University living Lab Dairy Futures

Dairy Cattle under a Summer Sky. Friesian cattle in a farmers field taken from under a tree. dairy cattle stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The Living Lab is a teaching and research initiative designed to explore future dairy farming options which meet the environmental, social and economic challenges facing today and tomorrow’s farmers.

Lincoln University Research  

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We undertake research and grow the knowledge, shaping a world that benefits from a greater understanding of the relationship between our land, the food and experiences created from it and the ecosystems within it.


Study at Lincoln University

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Study Programs offered by New Zealand’s only land-based specialist university situated in the heart of Canterbury.




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